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    New regulations are constantly being introduced, resulting in an ever-increasing level of complexity. As a result, existing regulations are often replaced with more complex ones, which can make understanding the law more difficult.


    Elevate your business at the heart of Dubai's economic engine. DAFZA provides state-of-the-art facilities near the airport, offering a strategic location for international trade and logistics.


    Amplify your global reach with JAFZA, one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones in the world. Strategically located at Jebel Ali Port, it facilitates seamless trade and logistics operations.


    Immerse yourself in the financial heartbeat of the region. DIFC, a leading global financial center, provides a supportive ecosystem for businesses in banking, finance,..

    All other free trade zones

    Free zones in the UAE are designated areas that offer a business-friendly environment with specific incentives and regulations. These zones are designed to attract foreign investment..


    Unleash the potential of commodity trade at DMCC, a world-renowned free zone. Benefit from specialized infrastructure and services, fostering growth in the dynamic ..

    All other Mainland

    The mainland refers to areas outside of the designated free zones in the UAE. Setting up a business in the mainland follows the regulations of the local emirate's commercial laws.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find quick and concise responses to your inquiries about our services.

    Is Audit Mandatory in UAE?

    In the UAE, mandatory audit/audits requirements can vary based on factors. To comply with the various laws of the UAE it is mandatory to get the accounts audited.

    What is the Audit Limit in Dubai?

    Taxpayer's financial statements must be audited by external auditors if their revenue exceeds AED 50 million during the tax period and they use a zero-rate free zone regime.

    Who can Audit Accounts in UAE?

    Companies must appoint licensed auditors for auditing the books of accounts and financial statements. Companies that do not present the audit reports get penalties from the authorities.

    Who Regulates Auditors in UAE?

    The Ministry of Economy (MoE) regulates all auditors at the state level under UAE Federal Law No. 12 of 2014 on Auditing Profession and Ministerial Resolution No. 403 of 2015.

    Which Audit is Compulsory?

    Section 44AB of the Act requires tax audits for certain Indian taxpayers. This includes: Business taxpayers with annual sales or gross income over Rs. 1 crore

    Who Cannot Be an Auditor of a Company?

    If the person to be appointed or his partner holds even a single share (or other securities) of a company, he is not eligible to be appointed as an auditor.

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